First broadcast: 12 Sept 1999

In this episode, DCI Barnaby and DS Troy investigate the murder of Tara Cavendish, who has been beaten to death with a cricket bat. Her body was found near a quarry on her husband, Robert Cavendish’s estate. Cavendish is a local landowner and is also the captain of the Fletcher’s Cross cricket team. He is not a popular many and is widely disliked in the village. He is also disliked by his son, Stephen, who is having an affair with a local barmaid; Charles Jennings, recently dismissed from the cricket team by Cavendish naturally dislikes the man as does a group of local residents who are angry that Cavendish has closed a public footpath that ran across his estate. The plot thickens when the detectives discover that Cavendish’s housekeeper, Emily Beavis, died in a fall at the same quarry site around 18 months before. Based on that information, Barnaby is forms the opinion that the two deaths are connected.


John Nettles – DCI Tom Barnaby
Daniel Casey – Sgt. Gavin Troy
Jane Wymark – Joyce Barnaby
Laura Howard – Cully Barnaby
Robert Hardy … Robert Cavendish
Anthony Calf … Stephen Cavendish
Annabelle Apsion … Jane Cavendish
Felicity Dean … Tara Cavendish
Penelope Beaumont… Mrs. Wilson
Duncan Preston … Colin Cooper
Imelda Staunton … Christine Cooper
Terence Rigby … Ian Frasier
Delia Lindsay… Zelda Frasier
Zoë Hart… Patricia Smith (as Zoe Hart)
Terence Corrigan… Charles Jennings
Toby Jones… Dan Peterson
Hilda Braid… Doreen Beavis
Susan Field… Emily Beavis
Eileen Davies… Olive Beauvoisin
Joss Gower… Matthew Draper
Ella Jones … Young Trish
Amanda Walker – Edwina the Rambler

Writer/Screenplay: Anthony Horowitz based on characters by Caroline Graham

Director: Jeremy Silberston