First broadcast: 3 Feb 1999

Nine years previously, Stranglers Wood, in the village of Midsomer Worthy, was the stalking ground of a serial killer who targeted female victims, raped them and then strangled them using a striped neck tie. After the third victim, however, the killings stopped and the case remained unsolved. Picking up the story in the present day, in this episode, the body of another young woman has been found in “Strangler’s Wood”. The victim has not been raped this time but she was strangled with a striped neck tie. Has the killer started again, or could it be the work of a copycat killer?

Barnaby and his DS Gavin Troy investigate in this episode which John Nettles once stated was his favourite one.


John Nettles – DCI Tom Barnaby
Daniel Casey – Sgt. Gavin Troy
Jane Wymark – Joyce Barnaby
Laura Howard – Cully Barnaby
Peter Eyre – Leonard Pike
Kathleen Byron – Dorothea Pike
Frank Windsor – George Meakham
Anne Stallybrass – Emily Meakham
Trudie Styler – Liz Frances
Jeremy Clyde – Bill Mitchell
Phyllis Logan – Kate Merrill
Nicholas Farrell – John Merrill (as Nick Farrell)
Tom Eilenberg – David Merrill
Debbie Chazen – Anna Santarosa
Betty Romani – Carla Constanza (as Betti Romani)
Toby Jones – Dan Peterson
Cyril Shaps – Sebastian Renwick
Katy Brittain – Gloria Bradley
Neil Conrich – Police Constable Angel
Frankie Carson – Nick
Anthony Howes – Milkman
Elizabeth Tyrrell – Ticket Seller
Tara Hugo – Ad Woman
George Lane Cooper – Brazilian Bandit
Rebecca Charles – Path Lab Assistant

Writer/Screenplay: Anthony Horowitz

Director: Jeremy Silberston