CrimeScene Word Search Puzzles

The word list is provided to the right of the grid. Click on a word and then try to find it on the grid.

When you find it click your mouse on the first letter of the word and hold it down – then swipe across, in any direction – left, right, up, down or diagonally to select all the letters of the word and then release the mouse button. If you have got it right the clue will turn red.

When all the words have turned red you have found all the clues. Well done.

The Buttons

Revert:- sets the WHOLE PUZZLE back to the start, not just the clue you are working on.

Reveal:– reveals the word corresponding to the clue you have selected

Solution:- Reveals the entire grid and all the answers

Save:- does what it says on the button

Check:- If you have the answer correct it will turn red, if not your selection will be cleared.