Taggart – Full Episode List

We have started our numbering of episodes for Taggart with the very first one – which was a pilot and not, in fact, called Taggart but instead went out under the name of “Killer” although the main character was indeed DCI Jim Taggart of Maryhill CID – the scene was set for  long and successful future.

A series of young blonde women are found strangled and left near water. Maryhill CID launch an investigation to find the person responsible for the murders.  is asked to head up the investigation, alongside newly graduated sergeant Peter Livingstone. Despite their differences, they must uncover the killer’s identity before he strikes again.

This was the first appearance of DCI Jim Taggart (Mark McManus) and DS Peter Livingstone (Neil Duncan) and it led to a total of  110 episodes being produced across 27 seasons dating from 1983 to 2010.

Mark McManus passed away in 1994 but the series continued under the same name with the lead role going to James MacPherson who played DS Jardine – later to become DI Jardine on McManus’ death. This was the first of a series of character developments that enabled the series to keep running as long as it did.